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Advanced multimedia technologies for solving problems in the field of entertainment, advertising and business.

Game and application development
Development of games and applications for advertising campaigns, event events and presentations. On mobile devices, on non-standard screens with unique controls and interactions.
Augmented Reality
The result of the introduction in the field of perception of any sensory data in order to supplement information about the environment and improve the perception of information.
Stage design

Creating bright multimedia decorations for concerts, theaters, performances

Interactive installations

We complete the surrounding reality and fill the spaces with new images, helping people to look at familiar things from a different angle. Our installations cover the city’s everyday life, day after day, or live just a few bright hours. And those and others - are pleased and work on the idea

Create exciting innovative theater and dance performances. Interactive interaction with light devices, video content, kinetic devices, holography, etc. is possible.
3D mappin

Direction in the audiovisual art, which is a 3D projection of the physical object of the environment, taking into account its geometry and location in space.


With Virtual Reality, the future is right now: the boundaries between digital life and real life are fuzzy, the difference in sensations on this side of the helmet and the other becomes subtle. We are also big fans of VR technology and have gained considerable experience in the development and creation of virtual content.


Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Multimedia screens
Projection systems
Kinetic systems
Generative graphics



Эмиль Дзауров

CEO / Art Direction / Project Management

Исмаил Дзауров

Engineer / Design / Programming

Ернар Молдабек

Designer / 3D modeling

Андрей Хван

Director / Creative / Energy

Денис Титовский

Project management

Дина Усова

Operator / Video Engineer

Пронина Елена

Designer / SMM

Жасулан Ахметов

CG Generalist / Game Development


Operator / Video Engineer

Антон Михайлов

Designer / SMM

Жангир Кумысбеков

CG Generalist / Game Development

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