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The city of interactive multimedia entertainment ARKAIM 3D sity. Three cubes, combined the three elements: fire, water, air. We showed the visual interaction of man and nature, also using the art of dance.

Мероприятие  CIS Forum

Клиент Samsung

Агентство Cheil


The main goal was to clearly show the viewer the interaction and the importance of nature in human life. Leave an unforgettable impression, create a magical atmosphere, and get vivid emotions from the audience. Everything was done in the national Kazakh style.


Our team designed 3 cubes that were identical to each other. When creating the content, content with special effects was shot. All of these effects we achieved with the help of previously shot material for chromakey and the substitution of real artists, drawn on the screen. A complex system for synchronizing cubes for inclusion, as well as its own system for stitching projectors. We have created ARTKAIM 3D sity, a city of interactive multimedia entertainment, one of the entertainment was holographic cubes.
Place of implementation: Kazakhstan, Astana, 2015

Agency: Big Fish Pro

Project Supervisor: Emil Dzaurov
Concept Design: Emil Dzaurov, Anastasia Malakhova
Stand development - Yernar Moldabek
Technical Director - Ismail Dzaurov
3D modelers: Anastasia Malakhova, Zhasulan Akhmetov
3D animators: Rasul Gaitov
Composition: Emil Dzaurov

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