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Development of LED decorations for the Dota Championship. The idea was to make the scenery in accordance with the rules of the event, as well as to conduct opening shows on them. We made 2 respawn that can be interchanged due to LED technology. Also, everything was synchronized with the game using the program registered on vvvv.

Event: DotA Championship

Year: 2017

Director: Andrei Hwan

Venue: Palace of the Republic of Almaty

Venue: Palace of the Republic,
Kazakhstan, Almaty, 2017

Director - Andrew Hwan (WakeUp Studio)

Project Supervisor: Emil Dzaurov
Concept Design: Emil Dzaurov
Stage design - Yernar Moldabek (Idea - Andrey Hvan)
Technical Director - Ismail Dzaurov
3D modelers: Ernar Molbadek, Rasul Gaitov, Zhasulan Akhmetov
3D animators: Rasul Gaitov, Zhangir Kumysbekov, Zhasulan Akhmetov
VFX: Zhangir Kumysbekov
Composition: Emil Dzaurov

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