Kaspi Bank 2019 | Filmotion


Each year, the most innovative bank in Kazakhstan, Kaspi, presents its new services and products. Once again, our team was entrusted with the development of video content and demonstrate multimedia solutions to completely immerse the viewer in the digital atmosphere.


We want to show the evolution of the bank, how it all began, how the development took place and what successes have been achieved to date. A kind of ecosystem consisting of bank products. Any viable cell gives rise to new cells, and in our ecosystem new, stronger and more innovative ones are born from one product. We want to show how the ecosystem is growing, growing in the number of employees, in the number of products, in the number of customers, financially, etc. We do not stand still, we are growing.


The Kaspi ecosystem consisted of various bank products. We processed the video and created some animated videos to reflect each product as clearly and quickly as possible.


We first applied the synchronization of laser equipment and video content on an LED screen. This decision helped to visually display the company's new product - Caspi Kartomat, and also impressed the audience.


560 m2 of LED screens. More than 10000px. resolution of video content. Laser equipment. Live broadcast from phone and kartomat. Thousands of guests.

Venue: "Baluan Sholak Sports Palace",
Kazakhstan, Almaty, 2019


Filmotion crew:
Concept Design and Styleframes: Emil Dzaurov
Technical Director: Ismail Dzaurov
Motion Design: Emil Dzaurov, Zhangir Kumysbekov
Sound engineer: Mehrubon Nazarov
Video engineer: Artem Zhuravlev

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